Salsa Kisses

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Ok, this whole salsa kissing business where does it all come from? Ordinarily I do not go around kissing on both cheeks someone I have just met but in Salsa I do. Is it a Cuban thing? South American maybe?. Everyone seems to just pick up on this ritual without attending special workshops but I think we are getting to the point when we need special ‘salsa kiss’ workshops! I mean, which cheek do you start on first to avoid the embarrassing unintended full on kiss on the lips. Which incidentally, the kissing on the lips seems to be a Ukraininan thing, nice but again confusing.


And what’s with the Dutch and their 3 kisses? Very confusing tongue emoticon. So guys ‘salsa kiss’ the ladies, ladies ‘salsa kiss’ each other but the guys just shake hands. Unless you are French Moroccan/Algerian then the guys kiss too. Like I said very confusing. Are there any more variations? What do Kizomba peeps do? tongue emoticon

Written by: Olu Olu

Salsa Kisses