The Benefits of Dancing

7. New career opportunities and communication skills. Dancing is a form of expression, expression is a way of communication. We as people need to communicate and be heard in life to let others know where we are at and what we are trying to say. Dancing can open up doors and windows for people as it promotes communication which can be applied to other aspects of their lives such as at home or in the work place. This can only be beneficial as you may approach a situation differently, which may be noticed and may be rewarded.

8. Increase of self-esteem and confidence through mastering of skills. We all know how wonderful it is to feel like we are good at something. When we can say with all confidence, and prove with all intention that we can master any given task no matter how small. Dancing is no different and the benefits it brings to self-esteem and self-confidence through conquering its vast array of skills is immense to us as we will feel better about ourselves and will treat others better and inspire them to do the same. It is an upward spiral we can all afford to ride.

9. Creative outlet for musicality, rhythm and expression of personalities in a safe environment. We all need ways to blow off steam from our busy lives. While many people enjoy doing this in bars and clubs, dancers who commit time to a course with an instructor can do so in a safe environment and let creativity be their outlet instead of excess. Creativity and the expression of it is very uplifting to dancers as it only plunges them further into their craft, motivating them to want more. Musicality and rhythm fit like a glove as a benefit of dancing as they help the imagination realize the expression of creativity.

10. Fun. Fun. FUN
Dancing is fun. We love to have fun and feel good. Smiling and laughing and learning how to move your body in new ways to the beat of the music is fun. When we have fun, we enjoy ourselves. When we enjoy ourselves, we keep healthy. It’s a never ending positive cycle and it feels oh so good to go round and round.

Dancing for me is a way of life. It has shaped me to become the woman I am today and I live to help inspire and motivate other ladies to catch the dancing bug and inspire and motivate other ladies. In the studio, in the class room, in the shower and in the living room, I just love to dance. Moving to the Netherlands when I was a little girl I remember how I could not sit still in my chair when in class. My parents were called in by the teacher to talk about my constant moving. Little did they know that I would continue to move and I never intend on ever stopping.

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The Benefits of Dancing