Day 12: FULL Pirouettes

I’m not going to say much other than this is no different than what we have been doing for three days now. Don’t get intimidated just because now you are turning all the way around.
Breathe. Prepare. Engage. Spot.
That’s all you need. Don’t get frustrated. These things are hard. I am nowhere near mastering them , but I can make it aroud. And if I can do it so can you. Maybe not on your first try (I certainly did not make it on my first try), but eventually you will get it. Keep practicing and trainin the exercises we have been doing the last three days to build your strength, balance and control.
  • Keep attention in your allignment and that your weight is centered over the turning leg.
  • Keep the heels down durring your pliés
  • Engage your core, booty, legs and  press the shoulders down.
  • Level your shoulders and your head for a nice clean spot.
  • Don’t push off with too much power, just a little goes a long way. You will only need a TINY bit more power for a full turn.
I find it helpful to wear socks with my heels exposed (so its not too slippery) if I don’t have my ballet shoes on me. If you have jazz or ballet shoes these are great to practice with. Repeat the exercises from the last three days before you go into the full turns. Then try and repeat 6-8 FULL turns on each side for each position (right and left for 4th and 5th). Again, after each turn try and see how long you can hold  your balance after the turn before returning the other foot to the ground. Good luck! I hope you like my song choice today 🙂 Yay @burjushoes we will see you again tomorrow!!
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