Day 13: Salsa Pirouettes

Ok, so to be totally honest, salsa pirouettes don’t technically exist. But that is what I am calling it. Yep. I made it up. And I’m showing you two different variations to try out. Don’t get caught up in any frustration here. These are really just for fun.
And if it so happens that you love what you try, you have a new tool in your tool box to use whenever you want. And you are practicing your turns and spins while becoming a better dancer. It’s a win win. The first variation is doing a full 4th position pirouette with your dance shoes on and from a salsa basic step. The second variation is more made up, but it is fun so just play around with it. It is a pedal turn when you lift your leg to pasé as you turn. I usually do about three of these in a row, taping my foot on the floor in between each turn.
  • Have fun!!!!
  • Don’t get too technical here. I certainly didn’t.
  • Play around with these and see if you can find your own expression of these turns.
  • If you hate them, grit your teeth, do the turns and move on. Tomorrow is something new.
  • Go back and look at the pointers from the last few days.
Spot. Engage. And don’t use too much power. Good luck.
And I would love to hear your thoughts on learning some of these strange, non-salsa moves. Shoes are @burjushoes “Trionyx”. #salsaspins #salsachallenge #doyouburju #danceeveryday