Day 15: Inside Turns


The cross body lead inside turn is just an extension of the cross body lead and I want you to think about it that way. Yes, it is 1.5 turns but don’t let that intimidate you. For the purpose of this challenge I want you guys to STEP out the entire inside turn. That means you won’t be spinning, but rather just simply walking through the turn. To do this you just need to keep stepping through your basic as you pivot for the turn. I will upload a slowed down version of my inside turn as well so you can see how I am stepping it all out.

If you are dancing on2, the pivots will happen on 2 and 3, you then stabilize on 5 and break back on your basic 6,7. If you are dancing on1 the pivots will happen on 5 and 6, you will stabilize on 7 and break back on your basic 1,2,3.

If you want to step things up a notch, throw in the syncopation from yesterday at the end of the turn on your back break. Or add anything you would like, I love seeing your creativity!


  • Turn out the feet. It looks nice and it helps you get around and keeps you stabilized. Triple threat!
  • Keep your feet close together like you did for the cross body leads.
  • Dont forget to spot. It’s a little tricky here since you start facing one way and finish facing the other way. That makes spotting all the more necessary.
  • COUNT! That will help you really step out your turns, stay balanced, controlled and on time.
  • Don’t look down. If you look down, you will go down, haha or at least you will lose your balance.
  • Engage your thighs, glutes and abdominals. Breathe and enjoy the ride. Experiment and play.

See how you can accentuate your movement and foot precision in this turn. It will translate into your partner work the next time you dance.

Shoes are @burjushoes “Moonstone.”

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Written by: Isabel Freibeiger
Video by: Isabel Frieberger

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