Day 18: Salsa Prep Spin (right and left)


Ok, so I am not really going to say much about this today. You are ready for this. We have been training the preps for two days now which means that you are ready to take this to the next level.

If you are struggling with the full spin, go ahead and just do half spins. Make sure to try it on both sides/in both directions. It doesn’t matter what sequence you do as long as you try both right and left prep spins.


  • All the things you have trained to get in and out of your preps
  • Use your hips to twist.
  • Keep your feet turned out, your abs, thighs and butts engages, and your weight centered.
  • Don’t look down.
  • To turn, simply unwind with a slight push from your front foot, square the hips and shoulder and bring your feet together. Try to spin on the back foot, the foot that had your weight on it in the prep. (right foot for right prep and right spin and vice versa for the left)
  • Spot! that will keep you balanced, un-dizzy (I made up that word) and get you all the way around.

Good luck!! And sorry for the late post. My little sister graduated from college today and I have been celebrating all day with my family! So proud of her and my older sister who just graduated from her masters program!!!

Shoes are @burjushoes “Trionyx”

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Written by: Isabel Freibeiger
Video by: Isabel Frieberger

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